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Endorsement Fees

 Introductory Fees

Good Through 2020

Family Associate

 Family Specialist  Mental Health Specialist  Mental Health Mentor
 Year One        
 Individual SCIMHA Membership  $45  $45  $45  $45
 EASy Registration  $20  $20  $20  $20
 Endorsement Application   $50  $75  $100  $125
 Exam   N/A  N/A  $25  $25
 Total  $115  $140  $190  $215

These fees have remain unchanged since 2019 and cover the following:

  • The use of an online application system (EASy).
  • Individualized support from SCIMHA’s Endorsement coordinator throughout the application process.
  • Access to an Advisor to support you with finalizing your application for submittal.
  • 1-2 peer application reviewers.  
  • A resource study guide to prepare for the exam (required for Mental Health Specialist and Mental Health Mentor applicants only).
  • A proctored exam. 
  • 2-3 exam reviewers upon completion of the exam.
Beginning in 2022, a renewal fee of $25 is required. Details about annual Endorsement renewal can be found here

PLEASE NOTE: SCIMHA is unable to issue refunds (full or partial) at any stage in the Endorsement process.

The next 10 professionals to earn Endorsement will be reimbursed their EASy registration fee, Endorsement application fee, SCIMHA membership fee for one year and exam fee.*

This is made possible through our partnership with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of South Carolina. Reimbursement will be provided once you have earned Endorsement.**

*If applicable for your category.  **Fees for transcripts are not able to be reimbursed. 

Contact Us:

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Charleston, SC 29407

(833) 472-4642

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