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South Carolina Endorsement Registry 

SCIMHA's Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health® is intended to recognize experiences that lead to competency in the infant-family field. Endorsement is multidisciplinary and cross sector, including professionals from child and human development, education, nursing, pediatrics, psychiatry, psychology, social work and others. Endorsement indicates an individual’s efforts to specialize in the promotion and practice of infant mental health within his or her chosen discipline.

Endorsed professionals have demonstrated that the individual has completed specialized education, work, in-service training and reflective supervision/consultation experiences that have led to competency in the promotion and practice of infant and early childhood mental health. Endorsement does not guarantee the ability to practice as a mental health professional, although many endorsed professionals are licensed mental health professionals.

Endorsement is not a license or a certificate. SCIMHA cannot guarantee the quality of service of any endorsed professional. SCIMHA does not have a process for complaints or concerns regarding ethics can be filed. If you have a concern about an endorsed professional, please contact the professional’s employer or the individual’s professional licensing body or other credentialing body.

PLEASE NOTE: Annual renewal of Endorsement is required to stay on the South Carolina registry. Click here for more details on annual renewal. 

Infant Mental Health Endorsed Professionals

  1. Ki Melissa AmeyIMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  2. Charlunda Edwina AustinIMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  3. Allison J. BeckerIMH-E® Infant Family Specialist 
  4. Kathryn Blue BarrettIMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  5. Susan Callahan, MSW, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  6. Laura Chappell, BA, IMHE® Infant Family Specialist
  7. Margaret Claffey, BS, IMHE® Infant Family Associate
  8. Tara Crawford, BS, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  9. Georgia Deal, MA, IMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  10. Yolan Equivel, IMH-E®, Infant Family Associate
  11. Donna Ewing, MA, IMH-E® Infant Mental Health Specialist
  12. Christopher Gaines, LMSW, IMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  13. Lori GardnerIMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  14. Beatrice Geiger-Williams, MA, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  15. Shony Greene, BA, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  16. Dorthelia GriffinIMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  17. Michelle Hammack, LISW-CP, IMH-E® Infant Family Reflective Supervisor
  18. Siserly Kelley, MA, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  19. Kristi Kennedy, M.S., LMFT, IMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  20. Karen Larson, M.Ed., IMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  21. Alesia Lowe-Jenkins, MA, IECMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  22. Christine MarcouxIMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  23. Sara Beth Martin, BSN, MPH, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  24. Rebecca MerrickIMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  25. Ginger MillerIMH-E® Infant Family Specialist
  26. Gail MonsonWHNP-BC, IMH-E® Infant Family Specialist 
  27. Jacinta Moultrie, MSHS, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  28. Shelly Nicholson, BA, BS, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  29. Justine Phelan, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  30. Jennifer Schildmeier, IECMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  31. Kerrie Schnake, MA, IMH-E® Infant Mental Health Mentor - Policy
  32. Stacy Scruggs, BS, IMHE® Infant Family Specialist
  33. Jessica Sharp, MAT, IMH-E® Infant Mental Health Mentor - Policy
  34. Rebecca “Becky” Sharp, IMH-E® Infant Mental Health Mentor - Policy
  35. Samantha Smith, BS, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  36. Mackenzie Soniak, PsyDIMH-E® Infant Mental Health Specialist 
  37. Carla TettisIMH-E® Infant Family Associate 
  38. Leticia Urroz, BS, IMHE® Infant Family Specialist
  39. Mary Ellen Warren, Ph.D., IMH-E® Infant Mental Health Mentor - Research/Faculty
  40. Kerri Wikel, BA, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  41. Tomeiko Wright, IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  42. Karissa Wylie, M.Ed., IMH-E® Infant Family Associate
  43. Greta Young, BA IMH-E® Infant Family Associate

Early Childhood Mental Health Endorsed Professionals

  1. Heather Blackwell, MA, ECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Associate
  2. Sherrie Dueno, M.Ed., ECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Associate
  3. Kristen Fortuna, MS ECMH-E®  Early Childhood Family Specialist
  4. Alesia Lowe-Jenkins, MA, IECMH-E®  Early Childhood Family Specialist
  5. Sarah McCallister, NCC, LPC-A, ECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Specialist
  6. Sally McClellan, Ph.D., ECMH-E® Early Childhood Mental Health Mentor (Research/Faculty)
  7. Kerrie Murphy, Ph.D., ECMH-E® Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist
  8. Tobita Posley-McKinney, MA, ECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Associate
  9. Jennifer Schildmeier, M.Ed., IECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Associate
  10. Gail Smith, M.Ed., ECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Specialist
  11. Latisha WrightECMH-E® Early Childhood Family Associate

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