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Annual Endorsement Renewal 

Annual renewal is required to maintain an active endorsement with SCIMHA. Renewals are due annually by December 31. The following is required to renew: 

    • An active annual SCIMHA membership (as of December 31 of the renewal year)
    • A minimum of 15 clock hours* of continuing education related to the endorsement competencies each year (at least one hour must cover Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion competencies)** 
    • A minimum of 12 clock hours of ongoing reflective supervision/consultation (only for those who are endorsed at a category that requires reflective supervision/consultation)

PLEASE NOTE: Documentation of training hours are due by December 31. SCIMHA membership renews in June; although current SCIMHA membership is required to renew endorsement by December 31.

*Continuing education hours are added to the applicant's Training section in EASyUp to 7 hours spent as an Endorsement application advisor or reviewer or an exam reviewer counts toward the 15 hours each year.

**The documentation of 15 clock hours of training is not required for the first renewal year immediately following the year endorsement was achieved.

For example, if an applicant earned endorsement in 2023, the applicant does not need to provide documentation of 15 clock training hours to renew endorsement that year. However, an active SCIMHA membership is required. 

Renewal Fees:

1. By December 31: $25
2. By Jan 31: $50 ($25 renewal fee + a $25 late fee)

If an endorsed professional does not renew their endorsement by Jan 31, they will be removed from SCIMHA's  Endorsement Registry. 

To be reinstated to the Endorsement Registry after removal, the professional must: 

Step 1:  Renew their SCIMHA membership online (if lapsed).

Sept 2:  Update their endorsement credentials in EASy:

  • Register or log into existing application on EASy;
  • Add any new education, work, in-service training and reflective supervision/consultation experiences that have been accrued since removal from the registry;
  • Get three updated reference ratings (via EASy); and 
  • Pay the Endorsement Processing Fee (varies dependent upon category).

Applications do not go through another formal review process. Applicants who have previously passed the exam do not need to retake the exam.

Questions? Email SCIMHA Endorsement Coordinator Jean Cimino

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