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 WHAT is Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health  Consultation (IECMHC)? 

Consultation is a collaborative, relationship-based intervention to  support and build the capacity of the adults, such as educators, social workers, coaches and technical assistants. IECMHC is  not  about “fixing kids,” nor is it therapy. IECMHC prepares adults to help healthy social and emotional development in infants and young children. Consultation services aim to promote awareness of social and emotional development, prevent mental health crises, and treat challenging behaviors. 

An IECMH consultant  is a  mental health professional  with specialized knowledge of social, emotional and relational development  who: 

  • Uses  their training and knowledge to highlight the psychological experiences of young children, often translating the unique ways children communicate their needs. 

  • Forms supportive relationships with adults working with young children. 

 WHO  do  IECMH-Consultants  serve? 

This  strength-based approach pairs a mental health consultant with adults who work with  infant and young children  (birth to age 5)  in the settings where they learn and grow, such  as  a  childcare  center, preschool,  early intervention program or  home. The consultant  brings together a team with a common goal and helps them problem solve about concerns related to a specific child, classroom or childcare program.  

 WHY is  it important to address  social, emotional, and relational health in infants and young   children? 

  • All children deserve the same attention to their social-emotional development as is given to their physical development.  

  • Early experiences and early relationships  promote learning and emotional regulation and expression, ultimately laying the foundation for long-term well-being and school success. 

  • Sometimes typical social-emotional development can be interrupted, creating social, emotional or behavioral difficulties, which are critical to address early.   

  • Often, early childcare providers have firsthand experience  of the impact  young children’s serious emotional but  feel uncertain about how to handle it. 

HOW  do you  refer  or get more information? 

Through the support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Foundation and the Preschool Development Grant from SC Department of Social Services, SCIMHA  will  provide consultation services  FREE  of charge.  

Any parent or childcare agency can call (833) 472-4642 or start a referral online.

Click Here to begin the intake process. 

For individual child cases, parents must consent to services prior to consultant’s involvement 

 Tele-Mental Health Consultation Services

Tele-MHC allows any individuals caring for young children to connect with one of the PEAR Network's mental health consultants for a brief consultation.

Learn More about Tele-Mental Health Consultation

*Please note that we are not equipped to offer emergency mental health services. If this is a  life-threatening  emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. If this is a mental health emergency, please call the Department of Mental Health’s statewide crisis response center at (833) 364-2274.   

SCIMHA is a 501(c)3 organization

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